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Cover photo courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, CC by 2.0

Cover photo courtesy of NASA, CC by 2.0


Inside This Issue

This wasn’t just some other town — this was another world. It had taken me a lifetime to reach it. What if it took that long to get away?”

In this issue, our intrepid authors touch down on the planet’s last frontier, become entangled in a cross-continental mystery, and reflect on some of the places and people that changed them — and what might have been.

No ads, no flash, no fluff. Just four stories a month for $1.99.



Author Spotlight


Pam Mandel is an award-winning freelance travel writer and photographer who has written for Afar, the San Francisco Chronicle, World Hum, the Travel Channel, and more. But she’s a blogger first and has been writing about her travels at since 1996. She plays the ukulele and lives in Seattle, Washington.