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Cover photo by Guillén Pérez

Cover photo by Guillén Pérez

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I had been consumed with planning a flawless itinerary…and worrying about the symptoms of altitude sickness or contaminated water or my terror of spiders. It had somehow slipped my mind that I was horrified of heights.”

Take a trip to the bakery in Istanbul and then savor Saigon in small bites; face a common phobia in Peru and grapple with a case of writer’s block in 1960s Europe.

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Author Spotlight

The Healing Heights of Machu Picchu

Erin Byrne writes travel essays, short stories, poems, and screenplays. Her work has won numerous awards, including three 2014 Travelers’ Tales Solas Awards, and 2013 and 2012 Grand Prize silver and bronze for Travel Story of the Year. Her work appears in a wide variety of publications, including Points North Atlanta, World Hum, Burning the Midnight Oil and Travelers’ Tales Best Travel Writing anthologies, and Vestoj, The Journal of Sartorial Matters. She is the writer of The Storykeeper, an award-winning film about occupied Paris, and Siesta, to be filmed in Spain in 2015. She is occasional guest instructor at Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris, and is co-editor of an anthology of writings from the bookstore, Vignettes & Postcards from Paris, winner of ten international awards.

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